Proactive -  At the onset of the health crisis, I worked with community leaders and sought for more reasonable efforts to control parking/congregating gathering and to open up our beaches.  The city and I will continue to work with LA County and Neighboring Cities to keep parks & beaches open.  And to use science, so that only reasonable closures are obtained with logical rules equally applied and consistent.   Reasonable, consistent, No Fear Mongering.


Engagement - I will use CEQA (*) law for full community involvement to encourage sensible development (IE: Hotels, AES property, BCHD (**), etc.)


Use the full power of city government to completely engage the community.  No surprises!!  I organized the community through the Environmental process on the proposed Strand and Beach Hotel development.  We fought against a complete gift of public land and obstruction of public views protected by law.  Many said they thought it was a done deal.  The developers withdrew the project due to our efforts.  We successfully saved Beach Drive and avoided a gift to developers to build over!  I am for sensible development within existing limits.  We do not need to be making private deals.  Nothing more.  Nothing less. 


And the same goes for neighboring cities when it impacts our residents.  As a member of the South Bay Parkland Conservancy and the Sierra Club, I have been proactive in restoring and preserving the AES site for a park and removing the power plant.  We need to monitor the progress and engage with the campus development planned at the BCHD (**).


Quality of Life/Public Safety – As a long time activist, I secured the complete runoff diversion of the biggest polluter on our beaches and in the Bay-the Herondo Storm Drain-right here in Hermosa Beach. I know how to work with agencies and secure moneys for clean beaches, parks, and water quality. 


We can obtain funding to repair public facilities, and address the homeless.  We must also ensure our Police have the support, tools & guidance to keep us safe.  I will work on increasing the visibility of the PD.   I am determined to work on Homeless Issues.   We will help PD work individually with homeless.  We need to keep open all public entrances, exits, walkways, etc.    We need resources devoted to helping them.  Coordinating with other cities to have a regional effort.


We need to fix our sewers (storm drains) and streets. They should not be clogged.


Years ago I worked to secure and protect our Beaches and our Greenbelt.  I will ensure it is preserved –no building, no bike path paving!


We need to expand Intergenerational Programs.



Fiscal Review - prepare for revenue changes and city solvency.  We may be facing budget challenges due to the shortfalls in revenues.  I served as a Federal Budget Director.  I know budgets.  I will do my diligence in ensuring we have the expertise in place to navigate through budget challenges.


Economic/Community Development – We need to do whatever it takes to help our businesses, engage them with sensible rules of engagement and incentives to keep them open and solvent as we recover from the health crisis.  As business owner, I know what it takes!  Rules must be sensible, and consistently applied.  And I am committed to reduction of the overburdensome red tape and paperwork for permits.


Transparency – I have fought for our city to be transparent.  I will ensure that guidance and discussions are in the open.  I will ensure that proposals/public events are open and follow existing laws.  I will engage fellow councilmembers for open discussions about issues.  I will ensure the Brown Act is followed.  I will oppose any reductions in tools that residents have for public input. 


* - California Environmental Quality Act

** - Beach Cities Health District proposed Healthy Living Campus on Prospect Ave!